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Adele Is Back, And WE are Here For It!


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After 6 Years of Quiet, Adele Returns Home to Music

Where has Adele been? Her early release single, “Easy On Me,” explains it all. When asked what her upcoming 30 album would be about (in an interview with Vogue) she said, “I wanted to explain [to my son] through this record, when he’s in his 20s or 30s, who I am and why I voluntarily chose to dismantle his entire life in the pursuit of my own happiness,” referring to the separation of she and her son’s father. There’s no doubt, this album is going to be emotion packed. 

Her Gap

Adele walked through fire in 2019 and divorced her long-time love. Clearly, it took its toll. Seeing friends and family walk this journey, a divorce can knock your insides out and leave you raw. In an interview with Zoe Ball ( Adele said, “I feel like I got a bit frightened of [music] for a while.” After stepping back into creating music, she explained, “I definitely feel like I lost sight of it [speaking of making music] and I lost the appreciation of…what a gift it is to…be into music and be able to…make it.” After all her trauma and heart ache, she said of music, “It really took care of me.” Her 300,000 fans who tuned in for the video premiere were not disappointed. We missed you, and we’re glad you’re back. 

Adele New Must-See Video

If you haven’t watched the “Easy On Me” music video yet, it’s a must. Director Xavier Dolan’s artistry and transition from black and white to full color puts you in Adele’s shoes. The already palpable emotion pops. The grey color clearly defines how Adele “has dismantled her entire world,” and you see life as she feels. As the grey tones switch to color, though, it’s like a light clicked on, and you along with her “realis[e] that she needn’t feel guilty for putting herself first.” 

Empathy’s Voice 

Adele’s new album is as much a message of healing for others as it is for her. She explained the album is also for those she hurt. “I was singing things I didn’t even realize I was feeling or thinking.” When you hear her single, “Easy On Me,” you can feel the pain. But her song isn’t just a personal emotion dump. Her empathy urged her to help others. “I feel like I can’t unlock a door for my own mental health and take the key with me. I’ve got to leave it in the door for everyone else…I’m in a strong place now where I feel like I can put that vulnerability out.” Thank you, Adele. 

Adele, 30 Coming Soon

Even though her sneak peek single, “Easy On Me” still showcases the Adele classic ballad style we all know and love, there have been rumors the rest of the album will treat us with an all new flair to Adele’s music. But until November 19th, soak up the classic Adele with Alicia Silverstone’s Tik Tok tribute. Glad you’re back and better than ever.

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