92.7 The Block’s Chewy Issues a Public Apology on the Radio Martin and Gina Style

92.7 The Block’s Chewy Issues a Public Apology on the Radio Martin and Gina Style

Was it just us, or did Chewy’s apology yesterday remind us of that first episode of Martin when he disrespected Gina on the radio? We had flash backs over here.Chewy is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University with a degree in Sports Entertainment and Event Management. He quickly became a fan favorite on Charlotte’s newest station 92.7 The Block. We are fans of Chewy but we also like to give a little tea when necessary..So what went down was Miss Joseline Hernandez came to the city and caused a few relationship issues and then vanished. During her visit to the station she started a world wind by basically calling Chewy “bae”, the pair seemed to be flirting a bit with each other.

Meanwhile Chewy has been in a long standing relationship with Girl Boss Naomi Thomas. Apparently she was not happy, and neither were the 92.7 the Block listeners. Chewy issued a public apology on air, while urging couples to respect each other. He said he’d received alot of backlash on social media following the interview. He also made sure to post his girl friend on his Instagram page hashtagging #WCE #DaOnlyBae..

Hmmm..The Martin and Gina of Charlotte, kinda has a ring to it.. But ok Chewy we believe you, you cleared that right up. Watch below as we take you down memory lane with this Beauty and the Beast Martin Episode.
And make sure ya’ll check out 92.7 the block. Apparently it’s LIT over there!!

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