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What Is This Infamous PINK SAUCE?


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Via LA TIMES, You may have seen a “Pink Sauce” headline in your social feeds sometime in the past week. Maybe you skipped over it, but now it’s hard to escape. The Pink Sauce situation is real, and self proclaimed chef Carly Pii is taking it very, very personally.

But after going viral on TikTok and generating a mountain of criticism, her $20 Pink Sauce is already sold out.

LEVEL21- Red flags were raised after the back of the bottles ingredients were said to contain 444 servings per bottle,various colors of the sauce, Pii did not know who the FDA was in her post about the sauce, miss spellings on the bottle and packaging did not contain a way to keep the product fresh in the mail.

“Y’all really just gotta give me a break. Y’all gotta stop this negativity,” the Carly said Thursday in a YouTube video that clocked in at nearly 52 minutes. “I have to separate from this stuff. I cannot allow y’all to bury me mentally.”

The product launch has not been without its beginner-level problems, and those were compounded by the virality of the product. Pink Sauce, which personal Pii said she had previously served to private clients, became available for purchase at $20 a bottle on July 1. Before that, it was just a giveaway item.

“I’ve been using it and serving it to my clients for a year — no one has ever gotten sick,” Pii recently told the Washington Post.

While fans of Pink Sauce are sticking to their guns, others — many of them on TikTok — have been piling on with complaints and fears about the product.

If you’re late to the controversy, here are answers to a few questions about the Pink Sauce.

Who is Pink Sauce creator @chefpii?

Chef Pii — pronounced “pea” — is a private chef in Miami. She’s been in the chef biz for four years, she said in the YouTube video. And she’s not letting the controversy around her viral product get her down. Chef Pii, by the way, is her TikTok username, not her real name. The single mother of two boys told NBC’s “Today” show she didn’t want to reveal her real name in order to protect her privacy. She introduces herself as Carly Pii on YouTube, where her account bears that name.

A month ago, the 29-year-old said, she had around 800 followers on TikTok. Now she has more than 142,000 followers with 4 million likes on her posts. Her videos regularly notch more than a million views. “This is a small business, y’all,” she said on TikTok. “This is a small business that is moving really, really fast.” In addition to the sauce biz, Chef Pii offers private sit-down dinners, including “mixology service,” as well as catering for 50 or more people, according to her Flavor Crazy website.

What are the ingredients of Pink Sauce?

The Pink Sauce website lists the condiment’s main ingredients as honey, chili, garlic, sunflower seed oil and dragon fruit — a.k.a. pitaya. The product’s early label had a more complete list: water, sunflower seed oil, raw honey, distilled vinegar, garlic, pitaya, pink Himalayan sea salt and less than 2% dried spices, lemon juice, milk and citric acid.

Since then, Pii said on YouTube, “milk” has been changed to “dry milk.” Also, there is now a reference to refrigerating the sauce.

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