Single on Valentine’s Day? No Problem.

Single on Valentine’s Day? No Problem.

What To Do on Valentine’s Day

I’m Single this Valentine’s Weekend! What Do I Do?

Valentine’s day is here and it seems like there is never anything to do for those of us who are newly or have been single for a while this year. Don’t worry! Level21 is here to give you the top five things to do this Valentine’s weekend with no need of a Bae.

1. Treat Yourself
The most important person this valentines weekend is you! How long has it been since you treated yourself to spa day or bought something that’s been on your wishlist since Christmas? Take this time to focus on you by keeping up a healthy and interesting lifestyle for yourself.

2. Binge Watch & Chill
Get dressed in your favorite pajamas and call in your pet because it’s time to find that movie or T.V series that speaks to you. Spend the day in comfort while you escape reality and live within the world you chose for the day. Hulu, Netflix, and even Disney plus has got you covered.

3. Go out and find SomePLACE new
Why find someone new, when you can go out and find someplace new? There are tons of new trends happening all around Charlotte and you must be apart of it. Try having brunch at that sweet little café you always pass by on your way to work, or go shopping at that urban fashion outlet that’s on the way to your gym.

4. The Night is always young and so are You!
Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples when it comes to nightlife. There are plenty of singes bars and dance clubs that provide topnotch service to those in need of a little company. Get dressed up in your best evening attire and show off the you that doesn’t need a date to have fun.

5. Surround Yourself With Any Type of Love
Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean the love must go to a significant other. Gather up your closest friends or find your nearby family members and spend the day sharing your love for one another.

The most important thing you have to remember this Valentine’s Day is that love is always around you, especially when you least expect it. Enjoy your day of being you with the things and people that fill your heart completely up.

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