Popular Beauty Blogger Meechy Monroe Dies of Brain Cancer

Notable Naturalista and Beauty Blogger Meechy Monroe, has passed away. The 32-year old began her journey to stardom as a YouTuber in 2010 who decided to document her “big chop”, which is a big deal to those who decide to cut off their chemically processed hair to begin a scary, yet healthy journey to natural hair growth. Monroe, a Chicago native and Southern Illinois University graduate, realized she had a niche after gaining an abundant following of black women who had many questions about natural hair and how to care for it. Her nickname was the combination of her high school nickmame “Meechy” and Marilyn Monroe’s last name.

She was suffering from a series of strokes, which eventually led to her diagnosis. So, she began documenting her fight with a rare brain cancer in 2014. She was even profiled in an article by The Chicago Tribune for her brave battle with the disease. “It’s just a new journey for me,” she told the Tribune. “I’ve learned to be pretty confident in my skin. Chubby cheeks. Bald head. It’s beautiful. I have to show other women — no matter what, you’re still beautiful.” Faced with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, and as an act of bravery and selflessness, she then cut her natural curls to donate to Locks of Love. Despite these attempts, her cancer returned in 2015, which affected her speech, and ability to write. However, she remained positive throughout the remainder of her life. Monroe died in hospice care on June 27, 2017.



By Davita Collins

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