The Perfect Gifts For The Boys in Your Life

Written By: Mary Lucas 

1. Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon has become a classic bedtime tale and has lulled countless children to sleep. Before going to sleep, a little rabbit says goodnight to all his familiar possessions, as his big, green bedroom slowly darkens with simple, warm illustrations and gentle rhyming text

2. DRIVEN Pocket Series

The DRIVEN pocket series, while encouraging discovery, carries loads of imagination and delivers tons of fun.

3. Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Team Edition Basketball Hoop

This over-the-door basketball hoop lets you shoot hoops from anywhere. It includes all 30 NBA team decals so you can personalize the board with your favorite team.

4. Pokemon Shinning Legends Elite Trainer Box Trading Cards

Pokémon stands apart from any other card game. You can collect elite training cards in this boxed set. The adventure awaits!

5. First Act Discovery Rock Stars Drum Set

Does your boy love rocking out? This child-size drum is the perfect kit for starting them out learning how to play the drums.  They’ll love spending hours developing their drumming skills and feeling like a rock star in the making on this small drum kit.

6. National Geographic Dino Dig Kit

Ross Gellar was right, learning about the prehistoric era and uncovering fossils is fun!

With National Geographic’s dinosaur dig you can do precisely that. They can explore fossils that are millions of years old and sparking interest in history and science.

7. Nitro Golf Blaster Junior’s 8pc Golf Club Set

Nitro Blaster Junior golf club set makes a perfect starter set for the younger golf player. These stylish clubs and bag are a great way to get a younger player out on the fairway to learn the great sport of golf! The suggested age for this set is 9-12 years old.

8. heyday™ Cylinder Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Strap

This Cylinder Portable Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for blasting tunes around the house, singing in the shower or jamming out poolside. It has a handy strap which makes it easy to carry, while the compact, waterproof design lets you use it just about anywhere.

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