Level21’s New Partnership with OnDoc

Written By: Lillian Taylor

Level21’s New Partnership with OnDoc

Round The Clock Access to Board Certified Doctors

We are super excited to introduce our new partnership with OnDoc! This is an efficient new way to have access to board certified Doctors through an app or the web. It is the perfect medical solution for those who work, travel, or just don’t have the finances to visit a doctor right away. It is now super easy to call someone up and get immediate help when you need it.

OnDoc offers several services such as Telehealth, which is a 24/7 contact service that allows access to a family physician or pediatrician, with no visit fee. “Within minutes, you’ll be talking with a doctor (by phone or online video) to get a diagnosis, treatment options and a prescription, if medically needed” (OnDoc).

Another convenient service it Doctors Online, which provides 24/7 access to specialist physicians through the web or app that will answer any specific medical questions. “You will receive trustworthy, personalized
medical advice in a few hours. You can use these services as often as you need with no additional out of pocket costs!” (OnDoc). OnDoc is a great program for people who currently have full coverage insurance, some insurance or no insurance at all. If you are someone who struggles with healthcare or hasn’t seen a provider in a while, this is the chance to do so.


“I spent some time over the holidays with our elders and young people alike. Our older generation has always had a hard time getting out of the house and obtaining proper health care. The younger generation constantly spend their time on the go and are unable to get to the doctors when it’s necessary. This company is the perfect solution for a lot of our health care issues including affordability”

-Tempestt Harris, Ceo Level21 Media

Link Here: OnDoc is the new and simple way to get low cost health, fast.Sign Up Today!

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