Malia Obama Lands Internship With Notable Film Company

Many sources have reported that Malia Obama, daughter of former President of the United States, Barack Obama, recently landed an internship that most young adults her age and older could only dream of. Just before her father’s second term in office ended, Malia accepted an internship offer from The Weinstein Company, which is a high profile entertainment company owned by Harvey Weinstein.  He is a notable film producer who is responsible for such box office hits as Pulp Fiction, The Artist, and Gangs of New York. Additionally, Weinstein has close ties with the Obama family, and has also financially contributed to the Obama campaign. Having graduated from high school last year, Malia will fall in her parents’ footsteps as she is set to begin her fall semester at prestigious Harvard University. But, her sights are set on an entirely different path than theirs, more towards the iconic Hollywood sign, where she would like to enter the film industry. Malia has quite the impressive resume, having already completed two internships. One with HBO, on the set of Girls, and another for Halle Berry’s CBS drama Extant.  May Malia  continues to follow her dreams, and experiences much success on her future endeavors!



By Davita Collins

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