Don’t Sleep on Your Dreams of Traveling Abroad

Anyone, young and old, should consider traveling abroad at least once in their lifetime. It’s not only an opportunity to see the beauty of other areas of the globe, but for many people, traveling outside of one’s home country is an extremely enriching experience. There are so many anecdotes online of people gushing about their global travels and how they learned so much in just a week or two of being in another country. They express their likes and dislikes of another culture and often they speak of having the itch to see even more places once they return home.

In an article written by Hannah Peterson, she delves into her personal traveling experiences, as well as giving her readers six reasons why she suggests people, young adults especially, should leave the comfort of their home for a period of time. Without going too deeply into her reasons, as she does a fine job of that in her article that you can read here, she mentions that while it can be scary to travel to a foreign land, many people return from their voyages feeling as though they’ve conquered a huge obstacle and have experienced some personal growth. She states that young adults who travel will likely see growth in their self-confidence, their cultural sensitivity will be heightened, and they may even develop an interest in learning another language.

I haven’t had the opportunity to travel outside of the U.S. (even though I lived in Germany as a baby, I obviously don’t remember it), but I plan to do so sometime between now and the age of 30. I agree with Hannah in that traveling abroad as a young adult can definitely be a huge life-changing experience for a lot of people. Reading so many successful traveling stories online has certainly invigorated my desire to travel to other parts of the world, and hopefully, many of you reading this will get the opportunity as well. Traveling is a beautiful experience that everyone should be able to enjoy at some point in their lives, whether you are young, middle-aged, or a senior citizen. Take the chance to make connections with people in foreign countries, even if for a small period of time, and you will likely have memories to last you a lifetime!

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Written by Chris Lewis

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