Amazon’s Best Selling Rock ‘N Play Baby Sleeper Has Been Recalled

Written By: Mary Lucas/ Buzzfeed 

Federal regulators and Fisher-Price recalled 4.7 million Rock ‘N Play baby sleepers on Friday after the product was blamed for more than 30 infant deaths.

Parents should stop using the Rock ‘N Play sleeper immediately, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission said, and Fisher-Price is offering refunds. All models of the sleeper, which was first produced in 2009, are included in the recall.

Authorities had previously issued a warning about the Rock ‘N Play, a popular product that promises to quickly soothe babies into naps or overnight sleep. On April 5, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Fisher-Price said they didn’t believe the sleeper was dangerous if used correctly: before infants were 3 months old and could turn over on their own.

At that time, 10 deaths had been linked to the sleeper. Since then, that number has been updated to more than 30, and the commission has been working with Fisher-Price on an expedited recall, spokesperson Patty Davis told BuzzFeed News.

“The company has been very cooperative, first on the alert, and now on today’s recall,” she said.

On Tuesday, an analysis by Consumer Reports found at least 32 infants had died while using the sleeper, prompting the product-rating magazine’s campaign for a recall. Some of the infants who died were younger than 3 months, the magazine reported.

But the Consumer Reports analysis was not the force behind the recall.

“Our investigation was underway well before that,” Davis said.

The sleeper, which was a best-seller on Amazon with thousands of positive reviews from parents, turned fatal when infants were able to turn onto their side or stomach. Experts recommend strict sleeping standards for infants to prevent sudden deaths, including that they remain on their backs at all times. 

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