United Way Martin Luther King Call To Action Service 2019

Martin Luther King is remembered as a social activist and Baptist minister whose commitment to social justice, racial reconciliation, and servant leadership played a key role in the American civil rights movement. United Way of Central Carolinas wanst to continue the effort to educate people about his work and his legacy; bringing people together from different backgrounds to do service work together is wonderful and is essentially United Way of Central Carolinas goal.

On Wednesday, January 19th, United Way of Central Carolinas held their annual event that they offer to celebrate the life & legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., and this is through their Hands On Charlotte volunteer program.

Beth Reichert, Manager of Volunteer Engagement at United Way of Central Carolina stated, Martin Luther King Day is a national day of service, so there is a real call to action on a federal level. This is our local response to that call to action. We wanted to create a family-friendly event where anyone could come and serve their community. More importantly to build the community.”

When talking about our communities needs, Beth stated: “ United Way of Central Carolina fights for the health, education and financial stability of everyone and Upward Economic Mobility is our ultimate goal. We believe that providing education, financial stability, health and basic needs that we can help drive up the economic mobility for people, and we work on behalf of all but specifically families and children.”

Focusing on upward economic mobility and trying to provide support for organizations that are providing the education, basic needs, financial stability or health is important to United Way of Central Carolinas.”

Service looks different for everybody and you have to figure out what works for you but as long as you are contributing positively to your community it doesn’t matter what it looks like. Whether it’s being in a community that you love and giving back or doing service work across the world, you are making a difference.

Written by: Mary Lucas

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