Ieshia Champs is a Real Viral Champ

Single Mom Goes Viral With 5 Kids In Graduations Photos

Ieshia Champs, 33-year-old mama of five is slaying the internet with her graduation photos, featuring all of her brilliant babies. But it’s not just the surface of Ieshia photos and the kids faces inspiring folks, it’s her story. The single mom graduated in honors with her Juris Doctor degree recently despite not even having a GED until her oldest was 5 according to Yahoo news. Champs suffered through a house fire in 2009, losing everything. Then, after getting laid off from  job, the father to two of her children died of cancer while she was seven months pregnant

 “Champs says that her eldest son, who is now 14, has been amazing at taking the other four children — ranging in age from 5 to 12 — to a quiet place in the house to do activities or eat a snack. In order to honor this commitment, she decided to include them all in her graduation photos, which were taken by Bishop Richard.”
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