Chanel Scott Has The Formula To Unbreaking Your Heart

Chanel Scott Has The Formula To Unbreaking Your Heart

By: Marage Blakeney

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, 44% of the adult American population is single. Therefore, it is much harder to find a suitable mate without entering the dating scene. Even Grammy nominated rapper Wale said that, “I dated a lot, but I never really had anyone who was worthy of an anniversary. And most girlfriends never made it to a year, anyway.” Fortunately,  CheMinistry is here to assist with the challenges and issues that may arise from dating and marriage.

CheMinistry is “a relationship platform created to bridge the gap between purpose driven men and women who desire to progressively move their love life to the next level”. One of the innovative components of CheMinistry is  “a series of intimate exchange and compelling conversation.”

The founder of this wonderful platform is Chanel Scott. Recently, Level21 had the pleasure to talk with Chanel for an exclusive interview:
Tell our readers a little about yourself and CheMinistry.

I am a native North Carolinian. I was born in Henderson, North Carolina. Then, I moved to Charlotte to obtain my bachelor degree at University of North Carolina of Charlotte. After I received my degree, I migrated to Atlanta, Georgia. However, I felt that Charlotte was my home, so I transferred back to the “Queen City”. CheMinistry is a perfect blend of “chemistry” and “ministry” that offers individuals real practical advice with a guiding spiritual twist regarding healthy relationships. CheMinistry creates a space free of judgment and absolute love where we have transparent and candid dialogue that is moderated by myself. We invite influential panelists as well as guest audience participants to share through experiential knowledge or expertise as it relates to the topic at hand.

What prompted you to start CheMinistry?

 I was celibate for eight years and I had a lot of questions about dating and healthy relationships. Then, I witnessed a “heated discussion” between two siblings. They were having a real and candid dialogue about dating from a male and female perspective. I noticed that this was a such a refreshing and transparent conversation from varied viewpoints. This interaction prompted me to explore the possibility of having these types of conversations on a larger scale this is easily accessible to the public.

Why did you want to bring this event to Charlotte?

 My groundbreaking work of transforming my dream into a reality began in Atlanta. I moderated several CheMinistry events in the Georgia vicinity. As the word spread about these sessions, numerous men and women showed up to learn more dating and obtaining a healthy relationship.  Yet, I considered Charlotte as my home. So, one day I had an ephiany to take CheMinistry “back home” to Charlotte.  I lived in Charlotte during my formative young adult years from the age of 18-35. I was familiar with the dating life in the area. Plus, my “home church” was there as an added support.


What other projects are you working on?

On February 10, 2018, CheMinistry will kick off a four city tour beginning in Charlotte at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse South Park. In addition to Charlotte, we will make stops in New York in May, Miami in August, and Atlanta in November. This year’s fascinating dialogues will focus on “how to simplify a complicated love life and how to recognize real love when you see it” from both males and females perspective. We are all human that come from a real place with real-life experiences.

Are there any success stories coming out of this event and how did it affect you?

Most people listen from their own viewpoint or perspective. Our conversations allow the audience participants to ask questions and/or comments without judgement. At each of the CheMinistry events, most people have an “Aha” moment throughout the dialogue. One time a divorced man come up to me to thank me for having such a dynamic exchange. He was able to see his current situation from another angle that he did not realize before. These types of amazing comments makes me proud to know that others are being helped and learning how to navigate how to achieve healthy relationship.

What makes you so passionate about healthy relationships?

Whether you’re ‘Single’ or ‘Married,’ we’ve all had that moment when we’ve found ourselves enthralled by someone and thought maybe this person has the potential to go to the next level, and then all of a sudden the chemistry begins to change —he stops calling, she stops texting—the relationship becomes stagnant. CheMinistry was created to help get the relationship past the place of stagnation where things become common all too soon. Personally, I have never been married. So, I struggle with anxiety regarding why am I not married, why can’t I find a suitable mate. I am learning myself during these transparent conversations. Also, I personally learn something new each time that we hold these exchanges.

Do you experience different mindsets or dialogues in each city you visit?

Each city has its unique set of dating challenges based on their geographical areas. For example in Atlanta, many women were faced with a limited amount of eligible single men. In Georgia area, the ratio of  women to men is 30 to 1. However, ladies are now embracing the fact that they options. They do not have “settle down” with the first person that they date.

How can people get involved or reach CheMinistry?

Those interested in learning more about CheMinistry and upcoming events, they may visit

For individuals interested in contacting us for public relations, media, and guest panelists requests, please an email to our CEO Vena Vaughn directly at

Chanel has transformed her dream into a reality. Beau Mirchoff said that, “A healthy relationship is built on unwavering trust.” Therefore, her platform allows real people to honestly share their thoughts on achieving healthy relationships and to “unwaveringly trust” the process. CheMinistry has supported numerous of individuals to with the formula to unbreak their hearts and comprehend the value of listening to both to women and men views on dating. Now, that is truly an “universal solvent”.

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