3 Mantras for Depression

Written By: Mary Lucas  

Mayo Clinic defines depression as a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.Depression can take on many forms & can look different to everyone.  There is light in the darkness. Depression can take on many forms & can look different to everyone. You may feel like it will never get better. This storm doesn’t last forever.

Here are 3 Mantras for depression:  

This quote speaks for itself.

You are needed.

You deserve love.

You have a purpose.

Your problems matter.

You can get through this. 




There are times where we can only take it one day at a time.  You’re doing the best you can & that’s all you can do. Remember to take time for yourself & to set boundaries. Don’t push yourself & you’re exactly where you need to be.  Things fall into place, don’t rush the timing of your life. 



You are allowed to show emotion. It’s not weak or cowardly to express the way you’re feeling to others. Being vulnerable is brave. Do not shy away from what you are feeling. Be honest and open about what you are feeling. People want to know how you feeling, wether it’s good or bad. 

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