3 Mantras for Anxiety

Written By: Mary Lucas 

We live in a society where anxiety lurks behind every corner and inside every crevice of the earth. In a time where it is easy to compare our situations with just a click, anxiety can make you feel unsure and insecure. Anxiety can wear different hats and can look different on everybody. For me, my anxiety is debilitating. No, not every day, most days I can function & keep my insecurities at bay. I take medication, I go to therapy, I have coping mechanisms, and I have a support system. But when my anxiety is loud, it is essential to have these little reminders. My insecurities are valid, but I have to remind myself that overthinking and becoming anxious over situations is not the healthiest solution. But let’s be honest, it’s easier said than done.  

Here are 3 Mantras for anxiety!  


There is a reason for the timing in your life. Good things take time & they can’t happen overnight.




Don’t ever doubt the things you are capable of doing.
You are so much more than your anxiety.




There is a reason for the timing of your life. You’re in the place, whether emotionally or physically, for a reason. Trust the timing of your life & Do not rush things. Things will fall into place.

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