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TOMS are a must have for men, women, and children. Those looking to start their fall wardrobe TOMS has the right look for you! Each shoe has been specially made to incorporate comfort and include intricate designs. They offer a variety of options not only for you, but the entire family.

Not only will you look stylish in the latest trends, but with every purchase, you are helping many people around the world. Since 2006, TOMS has given shoes, sight, and clean water to more than ninety-four million people world wide. Each purchase helps support their mission to fix pressing issues such as gun violence, homelessness, and gender inequality. “…we have our customers to thank for turning our mission—using business to improve lives—into a movement” ( With the launch of this years Fall Fashion, your help and support can create safe water systems, restore sight to people in need, and even, in turn, lead to improving health, increase economic opportunity, and provide greater access to education. Level21’s TV crew had the wonderful opportunity to rock five new spectacular pairs that were sent to them exclusively from TOMS and fell in love with the brand all over again. If you haven’t shopped TOMS in a while. Trust us, you are missing out on quality and comfort with heart. We decided to came up with a short list of what makes TOMS different from any other shoe brand on the market today.

  1. TOMS is Standing for A Better Tomorrow.

As mentioned above, TOMS participates in multiple charities in order to help people all around the world. They take pride in hosting events and becoming a heavy voice within the crowd that wants to end gun violence, provide safe resources, and much more. At, you can read an entire collection of stories on how your TOMS purchases make an impact on the community. Visit and take a look at the “your impact” section to dig deeper into each fight for a better tomorrow.

  1. TOMS Rewards you for Shopping!.

With every purchase, you have the opportunity to redeem points for exclusive rewards like TOMS gear, special offers, and so much more. All it takes is your name, email, and zip code! Get started right away at so you can reach Silver or Gold Status to earn points faster.

  1. TOMS partners with like-minded brands.

“Social Entrepreneurship Fund” is just one example of a social partnership that help new enterprises start from the ground up. TOMS makes sure to look for like-minded social innovators and facilitates that make it their goal to help bring fascinating ideas to life.

  1. TOMS is not a name, it’s a vision.

The company’s name stands for the founders Blake Mycoskie’s vision from the beginning: “Sell a pair of shoes today and give away a pair tomorrow”.  The entire statement wouldn’t fit on a tag so he decided to shorten ‘tomorrow’ to TOMS.

Below are all the different styles and trends that we’ve featured and think look great.


“I’ve been called Tom, like, so many times, and I answer to it,” Mycoskie said. “My wife always gets a kick out of it. It’s just easier to go with it, so there is no Tom. We’re all Tom.” (Associated Press)


Yamaris ( Level21 TV Correspondent) Rocking TOMS’ : [Black and White Canvas Give Platform Women’s Boardwalk Classics Venice Collection] Price: $69.95

TEMPESTT OUR CEO ROCKS TOMS’ [Birch Canvas TRVL Lite Low Women’s Sneakers]

Price: $69.95

Cameron  ( Level21 TV Assistant Production)

TOMS’ [Black STAR WARS Space Print Men’s TRVL Lite Slip-ons]

Price: $94.95

Emmanuel  (Level21 TV Executive Production) TOMS’ [Black Canvas Men’s Classics]

Price: $51.95

Jerry (Level21 TV Correspondent) 

TOMS’ [Olive Green Distressed Men’s Cupsole Classics]

Price: $59.95


Visit to find out more about how they dedicate their brand to helping those in need. Their website provides all the information about how they contribute to our society and work to provide not only shoes, but significant natural resources. Get started on your shopping right away at!

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