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The Must See MET Gala 2023 Looks From Last Night


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MET Gala 2023

Every first Monday in May, we can expect must see MET Gala looks to write home about. This invite only event is one of the cream de la creme for all tastemakers, designers and socialites in the industry. This is the night to let go of the rules to fashion and tap into the idea of wearable art. This year, the association payed homage to Karl Lagerfeld and his many contributions to the field. The whole night consisted of vintage to modern references of the silver haired designer. Therefore, it was no surprise to see elements Karl is most known for like tweed sets, dark sunglasses and black/white colors. Each year, a designer has the privilege of choosing a guest to escort down the red carpet while they wear their designs.

It was a humbling experience as a viewer watching his peers speak highly of him. It says a lot to have a whole MET gala theme after your likeness. Co-chair, Anna Wintour is very involved and selective when it comes to this most visible and viable event. The purpose of this event is to kick off the opening of Karl Lagerfeld’s exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum. The showcase is titled Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty. Most of the approximately 150 pieces on display will be accompanied by Lagerfeld’s sketches, which underscore his complex creative process and the collaborative relationships with his premières, or head seamstresses.

The Men Upstaged the Women

Needless to say, the MET gala is great way to drum up anticipation before the exhibition. Stars from Anne Hathaway, Yara Shahidi and Jeremy Pope stunned on the carpet leaving many to grasp for air. To my surprise, the male attendees did their big one this year almost upstaging the female guests. Gone are the days of a simple tuxedo. The men did a great job being creative while still appearing dapper. For the women, we got fed numerous of beauty moments from Halle Bailey’s diverse hairstyle to Jennifer Lopez’s sultry smokey eyes. We conducted a list of the MET Gala 2023 must see red carpet looks from last night.

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