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It is that time of year again for the 3rd annual kids issue! Give your child the life time memory of being featured in a nationally known publication with AYO and TEO! Ayo and Teo peeked at number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and with over 172 million youtube views. We are honored to have them and up coming artist Glo Twinz on our Double Cover kids issue.  Every year we feature amazing children from our home base (Charlotte NC) and Beyond! No child is ever turned away! All Children are accepted! Check out Ayo and Teo’s hit song Rolex above. Ayo and Teo will have a contest and  TWO lucky children featured in this issue will meet them!! This will be announced very soon!! We know you have questions! We have answers!

Frequently ask questions:

What are the Ages?  Boys and Girls ages 3-17

When is the Photoshoot?   Sunday December 3rd from 1pm until 6pm (Children will have different times slots per hour) Charlotte NC.

When is the Deadline for entry? November 25th

Is there a theme?   It is the Holiday season so Winter wear, Christmas wear or New Years themed clothing will be accepted

When does the Magazine release and where?   You can order your copy here on our website under “The Magazine” December 15th for pre-order and recieve your copy first week of January! What a way to start off the New Year!

How many spots do you have open?  40

How will my Child’s photos be used?  Your child will receive one photo in the Magazine (Full page) and a description about them. ( Age, Goals,Dreams ect.) Photo may also be used for future promotions for Level21. The parent or guardian will also receive a personal photo.

How do I get additional photos if I want more than 2 photos?  You will receive a the photographers information and they will give you the pricing if you want more edits from them.

How do I apply?  Fill out the application below and submit your fee of 175.00 for your guaranteed spot. Filling out the application without payment will disqualify you. It is 175.00 per child and it is a GUARANTEED SPOT!

Why is there a fee?  The fee takes care of the production for the Magazine along with the photo shoot cost for each child. Hair and LIGHT makeup will be provided. Clothing must be provided by the parent.

I live out of state. How does that work?  The out of state fee is 100.00 and the photo you send in must be approved by us before the fee is payed. Out of state parents please email Michelle Mitchell at for more details.

I feel my child has a resume in several magazines, tv shows and commercials and you should do a story on them. How do I do this?

Contact us at Subject: Experienced Child Talent- Due to limited space It is not guaranteed they will get a story but will will review their resume for consideration.

We know, We know.. it is a lot to think about.. Take your time and reach out to us anytime with questions or concerns! Just remember those 40 spots fill up quickly. Do not miss out!!

Michelle Mitchelle:


Phone: Level21:(535)-653-8351


P.S When uploading a photo please do not upload a big file or a high resolution photo. Or it will not take. It can be a photo from your phone. This just helps us put a name to a face during the magazine process. If you are still having trouble uploading a photo send us the photo and info via email. ( But still make sure to pay the fee before you can qualify for this issue; There are also absolutely no refunds after purchase.

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