The Dynamic Photography Duo

The Dynamic Photography Duo

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Have you ever thought about what it was like to work as a photography team? Dave & Jaime have been working as a team for a while & gave Level21 some insight into what it’s like to work with someone so closely!

Dave and Jaime both grew up in environments where photography was important. The emphasis that was placed on photography growing up helped mold and develop Dave and Jaime’s passion for it. Dave and Jaime both grew up near Minneapolis, Minnesota. After they were married, they moved around a few times before settling in North Carolina in 2015.

When asked why they shoot models together Dave’s response was ‘It can be hugely beneficial to have another set of eyes on set who understands the gear you’re using and knows what you’re trying to achieve. Whether it’s something very simple like holding a reflector, or something more involved like helping dial in lighting setups or catching something weird with a backdrop or a stray hair you might not have noticed. I think we’ve both saved each other countless hours of having to fix things in Photoshop just because there’s so much going on during a shoot that you can sometimes miss something small that you end up having to go back and fix later”.

Photography can also be a very time-consuming thing. All of the time spent arranging the shoot, and then all the time processing photos add up. Having someone who understands all the time you’re spending messaging with people about a shoot, and then all the time you’re spending working on photos after the shoot means that your partner understands how you’re spending your time – and is likely spending their time the same way. It’s been amazing to have this creative passion with someone who also happens to be my favorite person and best friend”

“But a lot of it really does come down to photography being something we both enjoy, and after being married 20 years we still are each other’s, favorite person. It’s difficult to find something better than doing something you love with someone you love”.

When asked about the influence technology plays in photography Dave stated:

There are amazing people still do amazing things with film and other analog technology, so when I talk about technology I always feel like I need to be quick to make sure people understand I’m not trying to slight someone who is doing things in any kind of old-school way. Part of this is very personal because I’ve always been something of a futurist fascinated by new technology, new possibilities, new ways of doing things that disrupt the old ways. I’m the guy who’s watching science fiction movies, not the guy who’s watching the History Channel”.

(Continued)For more of the story make sure to check out our media and photography issue out on December 1st! 

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