Photo Bombing With Laurence Logan

Photo Bombing With Laurence Logan

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The phrase “photo bombing” according to Techopedia denotes the action when a “third party interferes with a photo in a way that shifts the focus from the original subject(s)”. Based on this definition, Laurence Logan is disrupting the status quo within the Charlotte, North Carolina market by shifting the focus of selecting a photographer based on one’s natural talent rather than the number of social media followers.  He is determined to bring awareness that clients should not choose a photographer based on popularity. He has discovered that many people “equate (the number of) followers with skill…if you have 20,000 followers you must be amazing at what you do and should be paid…even though, the one with the less followers can produce a better image”.

Laurence grew up in south side Chicago. He was influenced by his family members who choose to be role models within the education and military fields. Although his parents were not together, they fostered a shared purpose to harness Laurence’s creativity. They encouraged his artist path by providing experimental outlets through “martial arts, culinary, drawing, or dance”. However, Laurence had to overcome the challenges of being bullied by his peers for his weight and being an African-American. He found an innovative solace through photography that proved to be a game changer for him. Laurence was fascinated by Chicago’s architecture and the “array of textures, lines, colors in the buildings, and the way the light would bounce off one surface but wrap around another”. His fascination led to the beginning of his commercial and editorial photography career. In 2013, Laurence went onto “graduate from Johnson C. Smith University, with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies”. The Japanese philosopher, Miyamoto Musashi, once said that “It is difficult to understand the universe if you only study one planet”. Similar to Musashi’s worldview, Laurence considers himself to be a lifelong student that is determined to discover more about art and technology to improve the quality of his work.

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For more information about Laurence “Ziyah” Logan, please visit his website at or follow him on Instagram @IamZiyah.

Written By: Marage Blakeney

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