Nike becomes first major brand to launch hijab for women

Nike becomes first major brand to launch hijab for women

Nike hijab

Nike’s new hijab is designed to make sport more comfortable for  women and went on sale in 2018.

The light fabric has tiny holes for breathability and the length has also been designed to stop it coming untucked during activity.

Nike said it had been developing the new sporting hijab for a year.

Sporting hijabs have been around for several years, but Nike is the first major international company to embrace the sports needs of  women who wear hijabs for religious or cultural reasons.

Small sporting brands such as Capsters and ResportOn have previously been seen as leading brands of sporting hijabs.

Nike hijab

Image captionNike says feedback from hijab-wearing athletes revealed they wanted a lightweight hijab to wear during sport

Response online to the hijab has been mostly positive.

N.G Tunçay@nurhantuncay1

For those complaining about the ,You try gyming with a normal hijab and feel the heat of jahanam on your head. I’m happy tbh.

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hend amry


This is horrible! I’ve been successfully using hijab as an excuse to avoid running for years. 😭

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Rowaida Abdelaziz


As a hijab wearing athlete, I’m stoked for @nike‘s pro hijab line. Moreso I love that its approved/featured by ACUTAL hijab wearing athletes

But some hijab wearers have questioned Nike’s decision to make branded hijabs.

Aaisha Dadi Patel@aaishadadipatel

Most patronising. I’ve been wearing a scarf and exercising fine for years, just as small businesses have BEEN making scarves for activewear.

Aisha Baker


This is the most amazing thing!! Imagine how comfy it’s gonna be – better than those other scarf things hijabis have to wear now. 


Really though, other than athletes, what Muslim woman would wear a hijab with a Nike swoosh on the side?
..Wait, nvm

philip lewis


Nike introduces new line of sports hijab for Muslim female athletes 

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United Arab Emirates athlete Zahra Lari has modelled the Nike hijab and posted a photo of herself wearing Nike sportswear to mark International Women’s Day.

She is the first ever figure skater to compete internationally and hopes to represent the UAE in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Source:  BBCNewsbeat 

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