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New York Fashion Week 2022 Ate And Left No Crumbs


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After dawning sweatpants for two years, New York Fashion Week impressed us with a more conservative take on what’s in store for 2022. Especially for those of us who can’t afford to replace everything with rent and gas increases and job shortages, it was a relief to see many favorite themes revisited and expanded upon. With the idea of it being more cost effective to decorate than it would be buy one piece you’re not sure will go out of style by the following year, lose fitting pants, baseball caps, huge blouses, and statement pieces you identify with.

This year, New York Fashion Week featured the most Plus Size Models, who graced the runways to “reinforce the fact that body positivity isn’t a “trend,” but rather an evolution.” [1] Building more acceptances for how we look, including not being judged as less adept at taking good care of ourselves in a larger size. This shows sensitivity, acceptance paves the way. These women have risen to the occasion, may there be no one to blame for body shaming, a clear emphasis on not allowing for complaint to follow what should be celebrated instead our bodies and where we are today, who knew, there was such a high demand for variety. What is image about, if these ladies fit the bill, then its more about how you carry yourself, and like they said “positivity,” what you put out into the world including yourself is what makes these models an attractive asset for likeminded individuals to identify with, there is hope past size 10.


This show was careful to reflect the times, taking on a more conservative approach, opening with “office appropriate, even a bit polished,” looks. [2] Reminiscent of the early 1920’s when city life was in suits, around the time NYFW began (1943) [2] “during World War II (1939-1945)” originally named “Press Week,” NYFW was born, during a period when it was not possible for “American fashion media” to attend Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milan, and London. NYFW is a “biannual event,” that “showcases designer collections … [and] a place where trends, and history, are made.” [3] Perhaps in acknowledgment and out of respect for what is occurring in Ukraine at the moment, and in response supermodel Gigi Hadid has donated the total of her fashion week earnings to Ukraine and Palestine, and so has Kaia Gerber, feeling compelled to make a difference in the spotlight, Gigi stating that she “often present[ed] [with] new fashion collections during heartbreaking and traumatic times in history. We don’t have control over most of our work schedules, but we would like to walk ‘for’ something.” [4]

One of the best parts about Fashion Week are the street style inspired looks! Yes that includes all your favorite Pinterest photos, this year we saw “brightly colored and loud printed” looks, including head to toe black in New York, “the iconic New York uniform.” [5] Already trending in stores, are suit vests, long sleeve tops and basic jeans, and embellishments and accents to add to your favorite pieces. [6] -One returning trend, for those of us who don’t shop at Zara, and happy to see back in stock recently this season, the printed patterns we all love.

One of my favorite looks of Fashion Week was featured at Paris Fashion Week, not to be confused with New York, Milan, and London’s, it can get confusing. What stood out most were their ready to wear fashion, including Japanese inspired mini-skirts, a “trend that Miu Miu and now several other brands are pushing,” ( [7] including, Onitsuka Tiger’s all-black camouflage and kimonos with elements of, “punk-inspired styles, and 1970s girl gangs reinventing school uniforms,” my favorite look of the week pictured below. [8] 

In addition, harnesses were featured like the ones seen at Free People stores online, however at Fashion Week occurred in the form of “protective gear … derivatives of armor,” to accent the upper body, or other specialty boutiques, inspired by Balmain and Christian Dior, and was more medieval and football themed. [9] a different tone was carried, a celebrity dressed in pink Valentino (Zendaya), “in a striking neon look,” the face of Valentino’s campaign which promotes the color of love, energy, and freedom.” [10] Rhianna in peach, glowing and pregnant with A$AP Rocky by her side. Another theme carried throughout Fashion Week was the color purple! Rhianna in “puff of purple faux fur” over a “lace crop top,” [11] and purple at NYFW mentioned by, who described “purple [as] bring[ing] a transformative and creative spirit to fall dressing.” [12] -The colors of Fashion Week according to Patone Color Institute, illustrate us moving “forward into this new landscape,” post COVID, with most of us going back to work, “need[ing] to break free of restraint and embrace the joy of being alive,” while “depict[ing] our inner dressing debate – to be comfy, or not to be comfy.” [13]

For many, Christian Siriano, from Project Runway, was one of their favorites, living up to expectation. [14] An explosion of colors and oversized pieces in London Fashion Week, fierce and confident models in corsets in Milan, bold and strong in Paris, and Victorian and Matrix at New York Fashion Week, this year did not disappoint. Not to mention, who better to close this year’s Fashion Week, to our surprise Marc Jacobs returned in spite of suffering the recent loss of his Boutique on Melrose, [15] and robbed in the Gold Coast.

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