Who Is Morgan Fogarty? A Media Exclusive

Who Is Morgan Fogarty? A Media Exclusive



The Women’s Media Center’s “Divided 2017: The Media Gender Gap” report revealed that “in the broadcast news sector alone, work by women anchors, field reporters and correspondents actually declined, falling to 25.2 percent of reports in 2016 from 32 percent when the WMC published its 2015 “Divided” report”. However, Morgan is determined to shatter this harsh reality by creating awarding winning and thought-provoking stories. As of matter of fact, Morgan was named “one of the 50 Most Influential Women by The Mecklenburg Times” in 2015 and received the “Community Service Media Award by Keystone Substance Abuse Services for her two part-feature “Gone Too Soon: Heroin Deaths in Charlotte” in 2017. Morgan’s journalistic skills has garnered her the esteemed recognition as “favorite anchor” and “best TV anchor” throughout her career as a news anchor on the Emmy award winning, WCCB News-Charlotte.

Much of Morgan’s success is accredited to her personal dedication and the power of internships. She notes that although internships are often unpaid, “the experience is priceless”. Morgan encourages individuals interested in considering in getting into the TV news industry that they, “Work alongside reporters and photographers and producers and assignment desk editors and production staff and everyone. Attend editorial meetings. I don’t mean for a day or two. I mean an entire summer or a couple months during the winter. You’ll learn in the internship whether you really want to do this work. It is not glamorous. Ask yourself how much you consume the news in your personal, daily life. If you don’t have a voracious news appetite, this likely isn’t the profession for you. Ask yourself how much you love to read, write and research. Ask yourself if you’re willing to work terrible hours for terrible pay in small towns, far away from your family and friends. And either come to the industry with a thick skin, or learn to develop a thick skin fast. I know this sounds harsh, but it’s the reality of the tv news business”. 

Morgan is a transplant to Charlotte, North Carolina from Lancaster, PA, by way of Maryland. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2003. She attributes her current accomplishments to her great education she received at Penn State. Morgan recalls that her “Journalism classes were thoughtful and interesting and gave me a great academic experience. But still, it was my college internships that really sealed the deal for me”.  Her work as a production intern on “America’s Most Wanted” and a news intern for “Hearst Television afforded her the opportunity to work for WHAG in Hagerstown, MD, and a internship with WGAL in Lancaster, PA. Soon after she landed the job with WCCB in Charlotte. “I came here for that job. I never expected to fall in love with Charlotte. I thought I’d be here for one contract, and then move onto the next job. But here I am almost 15 years later! I can’t think of a city I’d rather work and live and raise my family in”.  Morgan, her husband and their two children share their home with three dogs and two cats; Two French bulldogs, Winston and Etta , (a Doberman) Rachel and two cats Bob and Sullivan.(All Rescues)

Having a family and a demanding job can be hectic and stressful at times. However, Morgan reveals to level21 that, “It’s a constant give and take. I send my kids off to school in the morning and then I got to work in the afternoon. We have an editorial meeting at 2:15pm every day. We spend about 45 minutes talking about the news that has happened so far, that day, and then we work together to decide what we think the biggest stories are, and the ones our audience cares about the most. We assign reporters and anchors to those stories, and then we spend the next several hours working on gathering interviews, fact checking, shooting video, and writing reports. Around 7:30, we start the final push toward the 10pm hour of live TV. Around 8:30, Drew Bollea (my co-anchor) and I start intensively reading the show, making edits, asking producers if we should re-arrange story order, etc. I also prep the Edge the same way, and have a separate meeting in the afternoon with that show producer to discuss content, too. Drew and I are on-set around 9:50 and the show starts at 10pm and our day’s work is put to the test”. Her dedication to providing quality news stories is a testament to her professional and personal work ethic.

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Keep up with Morgan via social media @themorganforgarty or for more information about Morgan Fogarty, please visit www.wccbcharlotte.com

Written by: Marage Blakeney

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