Meet Isil Dohnke: A Photography Gem

Meet Isil Dohnke: A Photography Gem

A Turkish-born photographer that has been capturing the beautiful moments of life for some time now.

Isil Dohnke is a portraiture, wedding, and editorial photographer that uses her exposure and knowledge of different cultures to better connect with her clients on a level that most photographers can’t reach. See, Isil is the literal definition of a walking melting pot. By being born and raised in Turkey, then moving to the United States over 10 years ago, and marrying a German native, it has given her the chance to learn different cultures and has taught her different ways of not only working with customers but seeing the beauty in the things she captures.

My Turkish upbringing was one of warmness and hospitality towards others, while my connection to the German culture has given me a renewed sense of structure and composition, and living in America for the past 10 years has refreshed my sense of flexibility and has enabled me to engage and capture spontaneous moments,” said Isil as she continues to capture the beautiful imagery that truly represents what’s in front of the camera.

(Continued) For more of Isil’s story make sure to check out our media photography issue out on December 1st! 

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