Lady Gaga Launched Her Own Beauty Brand: Haus Laboratories



All little monsters rejoice, the Lady Gaga makeup collection exclusively available on Amazon, Haus Laboratories, has finally launched months after the initial announcement. Each product in the line comes at a price tag between $16-$49, and they mirror Gaga’s iconic makeup looks from over the years.

After initially being available through pre order, the entire collection is now available through Amazon, which you can get prime shipping on. Haus Labs’ is a vegan, cruelty-free brand, with inclusivity and an avant garde aesthetic at the forefront of the brand’s marketing.

Lady Gaga celebrated her new beauty brand with a “Haus Party” for 500 guests on Monday night in Santa Monica. In attendance were numerous beauty influencers and friends of Gaga. Lady Gaga DJ’d a set and then spoke about the impact makeup has had on her life before debuting the collection.

“I have always, even prior to my career, wanted to spread love around the world,” she said. “At first I found that way through music, but it was the discovery of makeup that helped me transform into the artist and person I always wanted to be. It helped me to love myself. No matter what. With the makeup or not,” Gaga said, addressing the crowd.

“I’m standing here braver than I’ve ever been. I’m overcoming obstacles. I’m dealing with my own mental health issues around fame. And finally, being able to really show up for the world the way that I want to, in the way that I believe I’m supposed to.”

She continued, “We’re not just launching makeup. This is a glamour attack on the world to be accepting, humble, brave and, above all, empowered to be kind. No matter how you identify, all are welcome at Haus Laboratories.

“Yes, I want this company to do well,” she added. “But more importantly, I want Haus Laboratories to succeed because of what we stand for, which is love..…I want people to love themselves. And I want them to see how beautiful they are.”

The collection includes:

Felt-TIp Liquid Eye-lie-ner



Le Riot Lip Gloss — Venus



RIP Lip Liner — Ride



Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powder — Aphrodite



Amor Masque No. 1



Eye Armor Kit



Haus of Collections


Photo Source: Amazon

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