KB Kollections: Handmade just for you!

By: Anitra Scott

Kevin Brown, another talent from Baltimore, Maryland is the mastermind behind KB Kollections’ craftsmanship. His skill level extends from carpentry to craftsmanship of leather items such as shoes and handbags for both men and women.

Due to a motorcycle accident in 2012, Mr. Brown was left with nothing but time on his hands during his mandatory healing process.  He needed a task. During that time off he decided to build and create. For the past 5 years, his creations have flourished.  It is amazing to most, me included, that he taught himself these unique skills from tutorials and “hands on” training.

The intricacy of each piece places so much value in the brand, Umi by KB Kollections’ designs. Umi, which means “Life”, is exactly what Mr. Brown brings to each piece of leather used in his designs. The detailed stitching, the quality of leather and the soft feel of the cowhide makes each of his designs so unique.

“I got tired of looking for shoes in stores, and was unable to find what I liked, so I made my own”, he said.  After that, the rest is history.  How many of us can just pull out the materials needed and simply design and make our own shoes? I am super jealous that’s for sure.

Like most designers, Kevin Brown, has an eye for quality and perfection. The cowhide saddle bag is a favored item as well as the cowhide messenger bag, yet there are many items which may catch a consumer’s eyes. The green high top leather snake skin shoes he designed along with the matching attaché case, is amazing! To look at the items and know they are handmade is certainly “jaw dropping”.

Kevin Brown is also known to be a model, which we will leave the companies he has worked with nameless. But he wants all to know that he is certainly more than a model.  Mr. Brown takes pride in working with students with disabilities, and has a goal to teach others his special skill via workshops and or in the classroom.

Remain on the lookout for Umi by KB Kollections.  There is more to come for this designer.

The House of LeMond, 116 W. 4th St. Charlotte, NC 28281 has the exclusive release of KB Kollections!


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