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High Pressure and High Fashion at Wimbledon 2022


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The Wimbledon Tennis Championships have been giving the world some of the best displays of tennis since 1877. Hosting several of the greatest to ever play the sport including Serena Williams, Billie Jean King, and Roger Federer, Wimbledon has always drawn copious amounts of attention from all corners of the world. However, the prestige of the competition is arguably one of its more notable traits, known as the sporting event for the rich and famous. Due to the fact that tickets are notoriously hard to obtain, Wimbledon has become an exclusive event and comparable to a red carpet affair. Not unlike the Oscars or the Grammys, fashion at Wimbledon is something that the public has taken a particular interest in, as it is one of the only times we may see the Duchess of Sussex and Kim Kardashian in the same room sporting completely different outfits. Whether it is the glamour or the diversity of WImbeldon fashion that fascinates us is unknown, but it is certainly captivating to see, and judge, the array of celebrities and styles that the tennis event brings, and here are some of the best from Wimbledon 2022.

Billie Jean King

Venus Williams and Billie Jean King Wimbledon 2022

For her 61st Wimbledon tennis icon Billie Jean King ditched the classic white look and went for something as bold as her. Sporting a simple black pantsuit with a vibrant fuchsia jacket and matching pink glasses King was once again the star of Wimbledon. While it isn’t the typical uniform for the tennis event it demonstrates King’s knowledge of the current fashion trends including color blocking. The simple black highlights the fuchsia helping the former athlete’s iconic glasses to become the star of the show along with her coordinated pink jacket. The classic elements of this outfit are what make it Wimbledon-worthy but it’s the unique colors that make it fashionable, solidifying Billie Jean King’s place in not just the tennis world but the fashion world as well.

Lashana Lynch

Lashana Lynch Wimbledon 2022

Actress Lashana Lynch embraced the temperamental English summers in a crotched style white dress with a classy white blazer, an outfit that truly prepares her for anything. Lynch’s careful layering adds complexity to the outfit while the white keeps it from becoming overwhelming, her combination of these two elements makes the tone of the outfit slightly more casual than your typical Wimbledon glamour. However, the effortless gold jewelry accents the dress perfectly, with gold Christian Dior necklaces Lynch still ties in the Wimbledon requirement of wearing something designer. The simple colors and jewelry are refreshing and the intricate designs of her dress and purse truly bring the outfit together, making it one of the year’s best.

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield Wimbledon 2022

In a Ralph Lauren linen suit, Andrew Garfield turned the typical summer suit on its head. With varying shades of beige and a combination of stripes and solids, Garfield looked ready for Wimbledon and a picnic in the park. His retro look with high-waisted linen pants and a classic blazer looked like something straight out of a 1920s fashion catalog. The timeless outfit allowed Garfield to truly represent Wimbledon, an old tradition, in an old city, and people playing a very old sport. However, the actor’s style choices may not have been entirely influenced by the past, as the casual trousers and blazer look has recently been trending on Tik Tok and is thought to be the newest fashion wave. Next year we may see more celebrities copying Garfield’s unique 2022 get-up.

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