A Collection Review – Tygerian Lace 2017

Tygerian Lace, the exceptional brand, has done it again! The black and white contrast collection worn by living mannequins set the stage for this magnificent stylist here at “The Shoe Box”, in South Park Mall. This collection ranges from shorts, rompers, pant suit, mini dresses to a matching bathing suit.

We spoke with the designer herself who stated this line was inspired by the 60’s. The black and white striped mini dresses and sequin pant suit is certainly time capsule inspired. Tygerian was also matching her models wearing a black and silver sequins stunning dress as well, which pulled this collection together. The living mannequins wearing the variety horizontal and vertical stripes truly reminded us of the blended statuesque look many women portrayed during that inspired era. Its not often we have the pleasure of observing such a display, so we asked one the mannequins how great of an experience it was to stand on display as spectators walked by. She stated it was easy once in position due to the constant switch out of the models. This was a great review of her upcoming collection. Thanks for the experience Tygerian Lace!
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