Fashion Week In New York by #TeamLevel21!

The Big Apple & Even Bigger Fashion

We’ve got good news… and we’ve got bad news.

The bad news is that, unfortunately, our belief that if Level21’s not there then it never happened isn’t always true. The good news, however, is that we had the chance to attend this year’s New York Fashion Week and we’ve got all kinds of good stuff to share!

Navigating the Big Apple is never easy, but the payoff of doing so is always rewarding, especially when it includes Rihanna’s Fenty reveal in Times Square, catching up with celebs Lil’ Yachty and Aaron Carter (we missed Kelly Ripa by an hour! We’ll get ya next time, Kelly. Next time.), three fashion shows, and a photo shoot. Team Level21 kept busy, and that’s all without mentioning the fashion itself!

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Sustainable fashioned seemed to be another one of the week’s many trends. It wasn’t, however, the only important thing featured at the Carol Galvin Foundation Woman of the UN. This year, the Carol Galvin Foundation sponsored Daniela Annunziata Laquidara and Bianca Curly Muniz, two woman who have both been diagnosed, and are currently living with breast cancer. The celebrity guests who attended the charitable event included music icon Pat Boone, Meredith O’Connor, Aaron Carter, Addison Riecke (Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans and Playing the Game), dance icon JoJo Siwa, and Rick Galvin, while the show featured Mimi Tran, Richie Rich, Rutu Bhonsle, and BBTC (Bound by the Crown) Courture.

All in all, there were designers galore, and NYC Live’s show on Wednesday, September 13th at 4w43 (an incredible former apartment building designed by Clarence S. Luce in the Renaissance Revival style) in the heart of New York City, included both national and international names. Some of the ones we caught were Sara Jamaludin of Sara J (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Thunyatorn Cheng NG of Thunyatorn Thai Dress NYC (Thailand / New York, NY), and Rick Bailey of Rick Bailey Design (Hackensack, NJ). NYC Live was a two-part show presented by Xpozure Modeling and Xpozure Media & Model World Magazine.

Now, it’s time for some more bad news. All of that barely scratches the surface of NYFW. If that has you feeling bummed, we understand. But bad news is always paired with good news, so there’s no need to worry. Team Level21 is already catching up on sleep and counting down to NYFW 2018.

Until next year, NYFW!

Written by: Kaitlin Booe

Video production and editing by Team Level21 and Toussaint Studios!

Carol Galvin Woman of the UN


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