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Written By Mary Ann Baber

It all started with a fax machine gone wrong at the WPEG radio station. Larry Mims, a young, determined, intern and student at Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU), made his way in the door and instantly earned the reputation for his versatility; he was the only one in the building able to figure out how to get the fax machine working. There really wasn’t any limit on what this guy could or couldn’t do, as they soon would find out. 

Fast forward twenty years, and Larry Mims now has thousands of followers, and scores of radio shows. “No Limit Larry” has built more than just a name for himself in the Queen City and beyond. 

Our Level21 TV hosts Yamaris and Jerry had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with him to see first hand how NoLimit Larry lives up to his name.

“A lot of people think it came from Master P, which is a small portion of it, but it was because I wanted to learn everything. I was that eager. I was that hungry. Yeah, I knew how to do everything at a radio station,” he said. 

One thing is very clear, he maintained no limits to the amount of work he put in, he knew that’s what it would take to have a successful media career. Every person he came across along the way could see his unique work ethic, and it paid off. His professor and mentor Dr. Spellman at Johnson C. Smith University, his first boss at WPEG (Nate Quick), and the supervisors who tapped him to take over the morning show in 2004, all saw his potential. 

It wasn’t long before the Morning Maddhouse on Power 98 FM was born, and Larry took his unique, raspy voice and lovable radio personality to the next level. What about today? Not a single thing has changed. 

“No Limit Larry” explained, “I mean, you have to set personal goals. So when I first got into radio [it was] as an intern, and then I got on weekends…next, [my] goal was full time. A[fter] full time, [I] was like, okay, well, let me get my own show. After my own show, I was like, let me take my own show to number one. Let me consistently be number one. Then after that it became community goals. Let me go out here and see where I can fit myself in a community to help out where I know where I come from.” 

It was also clear that this man has no limit in his love for the Charlotte community, spending the majority of his time there. “North Charlotte born and raised! Two thumbs up, North Charlotte, ALL DAY!” he laughed.

The East Mecklenburg high school grad visits schools across the valley making fun morning announcements.  He started an organization to care for kids of murdered parents, and he is currently the VP of Block Love Charlotte, a group dedicated to helping people who have fallen into hard times and ended up in the homeless community. 

“My mentor actually always worked with the homeless, and I said if I ever get a way to honor him and work with that type of organization, then I would. And the opportunity came about,” he explained. “I love Charlotte. This is my home.”

Wherever he goes he’s connecting with people. The moment “No Limit Larry” walked onto the Level21 set, his infectious personality and down-to-earth vibe had the whole crew laughing. After all of these years of notoriety and interviews with anyone and everyone from TI to DaBaby, he still has no limit to being real. He knows who he is. He loves who he is, and the people love him for it. 

Who’s his favorite fashion designer? Well it depends on how he’s feeling that day. “You might see me one day with some basketball shorts and crocs on. I tell people all the time, if I ever made it to a point where I’m making millions, I would never buy Armani, Gucci and all that. I’ve never been that person. I go to a store and put something on, and it’ll look just as good as somebody with Gucci or Louis Vuiton. I mean, [and] like I say, ‘do what you do’, that’s just me.”

Celebrities like DaBaby keep it real with Larry too, and he has no limit on his support for homegrown artists like himself. In the early days when DaBaby was on the come up, “No Limit Larry” was there. He watched and covered the hustle. 

“[DaBaby] is just a real one. He remembers us coming out to his shows when he wasn’t known like that, and we just always support him. Man, we support a lot of local artists,” Larry said. “He built himself, and he took a lot of chances.”

We could go on for days about the limitless, loving, and caring family man Larry Mims is, but you’re going to have to catch it for yourself on our Level21 TV Exclusive

We give him a 10 out of 10 and recommend all to follow his hot takes and engaging content on Twitter and Instagram, @IamNoLimitLarry. Make sure to tune in to our very own CEO on the Let Me Talk Podcast hosted by the king of radio himself, “No Limit Larry.” 

You can also catch him every single weekday from 5:50 AM to 10 AM EST on the award-winning Morning Maddhouse for positive vibes, real talk, fresh energy, and so much more because the limit does NOT exist with “No Limit Larry.” 

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