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21 Exclusive: Meagan Good Shares Her Faith


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For Meagan Good, turning 40 was a moment for her to let go and be more “intentional.” The veteran actress recently turned 40 and she shared with TWENTYONE TV  the scripture she holds to protect her mental health while entering this new chapter in her life.

She revealed that getting older made her realize that it was time to take inventory and focus on her well-being.

“I have a tendency to jump over things or go around them, instead of walking through them, and this year it was about walking through things and having those days when you’re grieving something from 15 or 20 years ago. Really walking through it.”

While speaking to The Insider, the actress also credited her Harlem co-star Whoopi Goldberg as an inspiration to stop being a people-pleaser.

Working in Hollywood can be difficult due to the pull by those around her to go different directions. Currently, Meagan has been on a press tour for her new series Harlem on Amazon Prime Video.

“I try to hit the reset button every morning internationally: I’ll put on gospel or uplifting music, something to give me strength,” she said. Meagan’s full interview is available to watch on twentyone TV’s youtube and website with Gabrielle Jackson.

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