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Throw It Back!: The Key to Glowing Youthful Skin


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Written by Chelley Denae’

Monday’s MTV VMAs were filled with dazzling performances but the most anticipated was Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award recipient Missy Elliot. The iconic rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and dancer did not let us down. She served us a platter of stunning visuals and stylish looks to go along with her melody of hits and dance routines that gave us flashbacks. Speaking of looks have you noticed something in the past few years?… It’s like she is aging backward… Sis looks GOOD!

The face is always slayed BUT there’s a different glow in her skin. You know a great makeup look starts with great skincare. In a recent Refinery 29 blog, Missy’s Makeup artist Alexandra Butler revealed her go-to skincare products when working with Missy.

“…I prime her skin with Milk of Magnesia, which is a slightly old-school method. I usually set her face with Ben Nye Final Seal, which is like an antiperspirant for the face — sweat rolls off. To keep Missy’s skin glowing and youthful, I like to use this oil from LimeLife by Alcone. If her skin needs more hydration, I like to use Embryolisse.”


I absolutely love LimeLife by Alcone skincare products and have used One Drop Wonder. Let’s get into the 411 on this skin booster. What are the natural ingredients that give her skin a youthful glow?

The key ingredient in this booster is the Maclura Pomifera fruit and the oil from it when cold-pressed and isolated from the seeds it has several benefits. It regulates melanin and controls pigmentation, repairs collagen, relieves eczema & rosacea and helps acne.  Its natural composition and its rapid penetration property will leave your skin feeling renewed, fresh, and soft without any greasy residue. According to LimeLife by Alcone’s recent clinical test results:

Results confirm you can throw back a few years with One Drop Wonder.

Another great Alcone product often used by professional MUAs is BEN NYE Final Seal. Final Seal is a fresh minty sealer that can be sprayed over any makeup to make it smudge/water-resistant. This is what keeps her looks together on stage during her performances.


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