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Motherland Drip: Beauty & Fashion Moments from Black is King


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The only thing as important as the music in this visual album is fashion and beauty. Let’s look at the most memorable, impressive, and impactful looks from this musical film and companion to the Lion King: The Gift album by directed, written, and executive produced by Beyonce’. There were various costumes, hair, and makeup changes I am in love with this body of work. I’m sure your eyes were glued to the screen or hunting scenes down on social media.

Zerina Akers has created magic again with the help of some bomb designers. She is phenomenal stylist storytelling through clothing. I am amazed at the glam squad. This isn’t just a movie it’s inspirational narratives that highlight the beauty of blackness. Black is King is a celebration of black culture and every detail was meticulously planned to represent, honor, or support it.

” The inspiration for his style is the recognition and celebration of the versatility of black hair and it’s innate beauty. The purpose of this hair is to illustrate the story of our royal past, celebrate the glory of here and now.”

Neal Farinah

Glam Squad

Hair: Neal Farinah, Kim Kimble & Nakia Collins | Makeup: Sir John Barnett, Rokael Lizama, Francesca Tolot & Wendy Miyake | Nails: Miho Okawara, Ryan Quan & Mo Quin

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2018

Bless the body, born celetesial. Beautiful in dark matter. Black is the color of my true loves skin, coils in hair, catching centuries of prayers, spread through smoke.

Enthereal Beach Dress by Wendy Nichol

Afro-textured, kinky coily , curly hair, etc. are various descriptions to depict the texture and structure of African hair. The history behind all these amazing hair textures originated in different ethnic regions in Africa A lot have changed since that time, and a lot has stayed the same. 

Find Your Way Back : Custom Diamond Fringe Catsuit x Skirt by Destiny Bleu

Glossy lids and the bronzed skin.

Crystal Crochet Poncho , Hairpiece and Earrings by AREA
Lace by Tanya
Sultry Eyes & Nude Lips

Smokey Eyes and Dark Lip

Laurel Deewitt Custom Crystal Turban & blinged brows|Crystal Net Dress & Crystal Cascade by Alessanda Rich
Dress by Vrettos Vrettakos, necklace by Laurel DeWitt and boots by Tsakiris Mallas
Moon Bodysuit by Marine Serre worn by Beyonce’ and dancers in “Already” represents solidarity and unity.

Neal’s inspiration for this look comes from a hairstyle in Africa that became a nostalgic style in the Black community. The word Bantu, Translates to the “people” in 400 African languages and was originated by the Zulu people of South Africa. Zulu married women, senior women, and men wore topknots to indicate their marital status. The look can also be known as “Nubian Knots”. The middle knot shown here reflects the Egyptian ankh symbol which means Life.

In this film, there’s a lot of details that represent African culture and inspire fashion and beauty looks. Horned Head and lip plates worn by the Dinka and Mursi Tribes were a sign of prestige and honor.

Bronzed Glam with floral catsuit by Brooklyn based designer S. Garvey of SGarvey Collection.

Egyptian Headdress: The ancient Egyptian queens and pharaohs were known to wear headdresses, wigs, and crowns. In Egypt, these headdresses would be full of beautiful golds and jewels to symbolize wealth and royalty. They were elaborate and would have coded hieroglyphics and hand-painted pictures on them. The hair accessories would be color-coded to determine the position of royalty.

Fashion has a strong presence in this film with pop-ups of style icons Lupita Nyong’o and best friend Kelly Rowland during “Brown Skin Girl” also modeling stars Naomi Campbell, Adut Akech, and Aweng Ade-Chuol.

We have always been wonderful. I see us reflected in the worlds most heavenly things. Black Is King. We were beautiful before they knew what beauty was.


This moment captured with Beyonce’ and best friend Kelly Rowland is so beautiful.

Kelly Rowland Brown Skin Girl cameo

I absolutely loved this look so let’s recreate it. First eyes, using Anatasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Aina Palette in honor of our brown skin beauty who changed the beauty influencer game. Next brows, with my favorite brow tools, LimeLife’s Claim to Frame Ultra-Fine Brow Pencil and Strike Rick Clear or Tinted Brown Gel. For the lips, Lip Bar’s Straight Up Lip Liner paired with one of my favorite nude glosses Humble Perfect Gloss.

Eastern Congo . Braid Crown Mangbetu . The Tribe originated the braid crown the style was created to accentuate the elongated of the skull represented royalty and was a status symbol.the Mangbetu tribe was known for its royalty and beautiful court dance they would take part in 1909-1915

Cornrow Design has been apart of the African culture since 3000 B.C Since slaves didn’t have much writing material they used cornrow design as a map to guide and speak to one another in message-cornrows are symbolic to one age, religious belief, marital status, wealth and are a form of self-expression.

Senegalese Twist: Paying homage to Senegal, Africa. In Dakar, Senegalese Twist represents not only fashion but a status symbol. Kankelon hair and Cheveux Naturels make Senegalese twist a coveted style among West Africans and have been worn all over the world.
Head- Carrying became an efficient tradition all over Africa that was passed over by elders, who were enslaved and without transportation. Many women are known as head-porters called “kayayei” and were hired to migrate and carry the goods. With the terrain being rough and rural many women found this as a way to keep balance and bring as much product, food, and shelter from place to place.

The last look is inspired a style worn by Nigerian women to special events in 1968-1985 called ORISHA BUNMI.

Water feat Pharell Willams and Salatiel
Beyoncé wearing the 30-foot-long braids that took 3 days to create by lead hair stylist Kim Kimble and Kendra Harvey along with a team of 6 Brooklyn based braiders.
Benjamin Satin 2 Piece by designer Duckie Confetti

A Big mood calls for bold looks! In Mood 4 Eva the wardrobe consist of elaborate garments with animal prints and jewel tones adorned by eyewear and statement jewelry.

Kujia & Meri custom animal print dress and Poppy Lissiman Spring 2019 runway glasses | A-Morir Pebbles oversized square frames hand adorned sunglasses with blacked plated crystal chain

With such a bold wardrobe lip colors are the focus for her beauty looks. Here are some dupes to create your own lip magic when you’re in big boss mode:

  1. LimeLife by Alcone Cabernet Enduring Enduring Eyeliner 2. LimeLife by Alcone Perfect Lipgloss- Faith 3. LimeLife by Alcone x Danessa Myricks Chocolate Ganache Enduring Lip Color 4. Danessa Myricks Colorfix 24- Hour Cream Color Metallics – Fireworks 5. Pat McGrath Lust Flesh Fantasy 6. LimeLife by Alcone Wedding Cake Enduring Lip Color
In this epic musical scene Power, Blue Ivy made her cameo with mommy with a complimentary rainbow ensemble designer by Mugler representing the seven African powers that help guide humanity in the West African culture.
“Spirit” Yellow Look by Balmain at color to depict joy. It seems to be a signature color for Beyonce’. This design looks like a gift which she certainly is. She is surrounded by a chorus in complementary purple.

This digital music and fashion event aligning garments with history, purpose and unparalleled beauty.

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