LEVEL21MAGAZINE is a National Fashion and Entertainment Magazine based out of Charlotte NC. Founded in 2010 under The Movement Mag; later changed in 2015 to Level21 Magazine by  (CEO) Tempestt Harris and (COO/Editor & Chief) Maresa Scott; Issues include  city-specific editions in New York, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C.

LEVEL 21 is more than a magazine. Our mission is to save the Media/Entertainment Industry one issue at a time. We want to make the invisible VISIBLE. Those who feel over looked and unheard, look to us to help enhance and transform lives. The information that LEVEL21 provides is life-changing: WE are empowered, and in the process we are taking back the media and entertainment industry from those who want to degrade, miss-inform and harm others through manipulation of the masses. For all these reasons,LEVEL21 will evolve into an institution that embodies the hopes and aspirations of people everywhere.

The Meaning of Level21 is complex to a point,  In it’s simplest form Level21 means coming out of distress and into your destiny. Explained simply by Tempestt Harris. —According to The Book Of Genesis -21 symbolizes coming out of distress and into a promise land. Never give up! EVERYONE has their own version of what Level21 means for their lives. Follow us as we interview those who have reached Level21 or well on their way!  Now it is our time to deliver to you honest, and unbiased information on Fashion, Beauty, Community, Spirituality, World news, and Entertainment. We give our readers all the information they need and want-from their perspective,and in their own voice.



Quarterly, LEVEL21 provides a diverse array of articles that offer an in-depth look at issues of particular importance to the lovers of Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment. Our features cover love and family relationships, fashion, beauty, entertainment, personal growth, spiritually, and healthy living as well as investigative journalism covering stories that highlight community issues and news events.


The BEAUTY section offers the latest in hairstyles, hair care, skin care, makeup and fragrances-and provides tips that enhance and simplify the lives of LEVEL21 readers. We want to help women and men feel as beautiful as they are.

The FASHION pages celebrate and support the world of fashion for men and woman, that are uplifting and less degrading then what current mainstream media has to offer.We report on trends in clothing and accessories, offer news about designers, makeovers, and solutions to style questions.

The ENTERTAINMENT section covers the latest and hottest in music, movies, television, theater, dance and art. It includes intimate conversations with notable entertainers and artists. Although we pull from various news sources, we make sure we focus on the news that is most empowering, entertaining, and uplifting for our readers.

The LIFESTYLE section is a favorite among our readers. This section showcases the latest spiritual- faith based stories, community news in our Nation. As well as spotlighting local charities and non-profits in the Charlotte and Surrounding as well as the DC,Maryland, Virginia Area.

Due to our commitment to the future, 20% of the proceeds from this publication go to The Level Up Foundation(A mentor program for underprivledged girls).Learn more at www.TheLevelUpFoundation.com

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